Slider Settings

9 Navigation Arrow Positions

In the Real Testimonial Plugin, you have the flexibility to choose from nine navigation positions, including Top Right, Top Center, Top Left, Bottom Left, Bottom Center, Bottom Right, Vertical Center Outer, Inner, and others.

This means you can customize where the navigation elements, such as arrows or buttons, appear within your testimonial display. Whether you prefer them at the top, bottom, or sides of your testimonial showcase, Real Testimonial gives you the freedom to tailor the navigation layout to best suit your website’s design and user experience.

6 Pagination Styles

In Real Testimonial, you have the choice of six pagination styles, including Bullets, Dynamic, Strokes, Scrollbar, Fraction, and Numbers. These styles determine how users navigate through multiple testimonials displayed on your website.

Whether you prefer discrete bullets, dynamic animations, or strokes indicating progress, Real Testimonials offers a variety of options to enhance user interaction and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your testimonial showcase.

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